Family matters

Initial meeting – We offer a half hour free initial meeting.

This is an opportunity for you to meet with one of our specialist family law solicitor to discuss your matter; the options open to you, procedure and our fees.
Fixed Fee Packages we can offer capped fixed fees for: Undefended Divorce proceedings, Financial Consent Order, Financial Proceedings. Other matters will be considered and if appropriate a capped fixed fee or fixed fee will be offered. Please see below for meaning of ‘capped fixed fee’.

• Undefended Divorce Suit – We are able to provide an undefended divorce service for a capped fixed fee. This service is available provided that there is no international element and there are no issues with service of court documents. Should you proceed by way of Petitioner the capped fixed fee is £1,000 + VAT + disbursements (court fees £410).

• Financial Consent Order -If you have reached a financial agreement with your spouse/partner we can prepare the financial consent order for you. The consent order will accurately record the terms of the agreement in a format that can be approved by a Judge. We will also prepare the Statement of Information Form and will lodge all of the documents with the Court. Without a consent order you risk financial comeback from your spouse/partner in the future. This service is available provided that the terms of agreement are clear and your case is not unusually complicated. We can offer a capped fixed fee of £2,000.00 + VAT + disbursements (court fee £50).

• Negotiating a financial settlement on your behalf (upon divorce, separation or dissolution of civil partnership) with an aim of not proceeding through the courts but if court procedure becomes necessary then the capped fixed fee will be up to but not including the first court hearing date.

This service includes: Preparing and completing financial disclosure (Form E’s), attending to questionnaires, the instruction of experts (if required), preparation of schedule of income, assets and liabilities, advice on settlement and negotiations to settle, all routine correspondence, telephone calls and emails, drafting Consent Order upon settlement if appropriate and filing with the Court.

The figure of the capped fixed fee for this service will be considered on an individual bases.

The meaning of capped fixed fees

You will be given a capped fee based on your individual case and we will not charge further for the work covered in this fee. Should the value of the work we do, based on our hourly rates, come to less than the fee provided you will pay the LOWER fee and should the work we undertake come to more than the fee provided then you will not be charged any more than then fee provided.

The above fees are a guide only based on our hourly charging rates. They will only apply to your case once confirmed in writing to you.

Residential Conveyancing

We are happy to offer a fixed fee for most residential conveyancing transactions.
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